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1.Can I invoke JavaScript methods to the flash flipping book?

2. The easiest method of Embeding images into the pdf flash flip book.

3. Can I add music or song for each separate story in my flash flipping book?

4. Want to know how to print logo in every page of flippage book?

5. Control the images stack-up order on flipping magazine's pages?

6. Could you tell me how can I add a preview image to an embedded video?

7. Do you control when play or stop the embedded audio file in flipping pages?

8 FlipBook Creator Pro advanced shortcut keys for fast creating flipping dynamic magazine?

9. Make Flipping Book in CD/flash drive allow clients to download without internet?

10. Flipping e-publications in the form of exe allow downloading?

11. Would you like to embed YouTube videos into your page-flipping book?

12. Is it possible to link external excel or PDF from flipbook on CD?

13. How to make the embedded image not zoom when my mouse hovers on it?

14. Can I write text on my flipping pages?

15. Can I draw straight lines on my flipping pages?

16. How to add page number?

17. How to insert new page into my PDF in Edit Page?

18. How to make my text paragraphs rolling up?

19. Can I highlight words, sentences or paragraphs with chromatic color?

20. How to insert new pages in the imported PDF?

21. How to use the youtube function of PDF to Flash Flip Book Professional?

22. Use Indesign to Flash Flip Book to Add Button on your flip pages.

23. How to embed image & photo slideshow into flash pages by Page Turning Maker?

24. How to add hyper-link into flash pages by Flip Catalog Software?

25. Offer print area to reader on flip page by Page Flip Newsletter Maker.

26. Can I add annotations in flash flip pages by Flash Flipbook Software?

27.How to create a photo slideshow within flipping book by using FlipBook Creator Professional?

28. What kind of software is available for you to create fantastic wedding reception slideshows?

29. What are the differences between flipping book and traditional books?

30. How to embed YouTube Video into flipping book by using FlipBook Creator Professional?

31. How can I make html5 flipping book which shows useful thumbnails for viewing or searching the pages you want?

32. How can I add a hyperlink to page of flipping book by using page editor?

33. How to create app flipping book for you to read on Mac easily?

34. How can I use FlipBook creator professional together with A-PDF Page Cut?

35. Where can I buy a affordable, best and powerful flipbook maker software?

36. How to find a way to embed vivid flipbook in a webpage directly?

37. How to custom your own style flipbook by using FlipBook Creator Professional?

38. Can I create dynamic flipbooks in HTML format?

39. How can I create vivid flipping book with animation effect?

40. Manually create an online children art digital photo album.

41. Would you like to make a kid photo digital album to assist kids to improve the reading?

42. How can I make a dynamic baby photo albums by the means of FlipBook Creator Professional?

43. Record the joyful and exciting moment of babyhood by using FlipBook Creator Professional.

44. How long can I keep flipbooks on the PageFlipMaker online server?

45. How many flipping books can I store on your cloud server?

46. How to DIY your flipbook according to your own thought?

47. How to create vocabulary flipping cards for little children to study?

48. How can I change image to pure color background while customizing flipping book?

49.Is there a way to manage flipping books online?

50. Is it possible for me to insert flash animation to page flip book?

51. How can I change the height and width of flipping book?

52. How to embed the flipping book in WordPress Blog easily?

53. Enable readers to download digital publication from website quickly.

54. How to define HTML Meta properties: Title, Keywords and Description?

55. A useful way to share flipbooks with the public.

56. How to create a mobile version of flipbook which can be read in smart phone?

57. It is easier for you to create life-like digital magazine for online marketing.

58. What’s the advantages of creating table of content for digital magazine?

59. Why FlipBook Creator Professional is a best tool for you to create digital catalog?

60. How can I create a Right to Left flipping book with page-flipping effect?

61. How to make a password protected flipping book with page-flipping effect?

62. How can I change the brand logo image on the flipbook publication?

63. How can I design the look and feel of digital publication?

64. it possible to email flipping magazines to others?

65. How to insert plugins to your page of flipping book by using FlipBook Creator Professional?

66. Publish digital publication as WordPress Plug-in, Joomla module and Drupal module.




1. How to make flipping book’s background music play?

2. How to add valid links for the output flipping PDF books or book title?

3. How to design or add bookmarks for the output flip page books?

4. Can I make the output flipping book auto flip?

5. How to self define the button "About" on the bottom menu bar?

6. Can I replace the outer and inner background image or gradient color for flipping book on base of template?

7. Replace the icons on the toolbar of flash page-flipping book?

8. Setup the hyperlinks color when the mouse moves over on the flip page book?

9. How to adjust the flash flipping book’s left and right page shadow?

10. Do you want to zoom in page flip book to read more clearly?

11. Do you want to design gradient color background panel for Flipbook?

12. Desire more readers share your flash flip book on famous social websites?

13. Need small size page-flip book to embed at small web area?

14. How do I custom the font color of flipping book's bookmark?

15. Can I change the font color of page-flip book’s searching result?

16. How to print my logo on flash page flipping book?

17. Make bookmark or thumbnail initial shown when flipping book has loaded?

18. Do you make hard cover or soft for flipping book?

19. Can I change the flipping interval of my page-flip magazine?

20. Can I custom the margin of flipping book’s inner panel?

21. Page shadow opacity makes flippage more three-dimensional?

22. Custom your own style icons for the publishing flipping magazine?

23. Which would you select double or single flipping of mode?

24. Enable your flipbook readers to print with the watermark?

25. Do you want to append new icon after icons list on tool bar?

26. Attach caption and action for the new added function icon?


1. Does Neat type of template allow printing flash flipbook?

2. Where does Neat template show the panel icons notes?

3. How to make page thumbnails listed horizontally on the flash book bottom?

4. Does Neat template support social share FACEBOOK, TWITTER?

5. How to find the book option most needed in a second?

6. How to setup the maximum and minimum zoom width to limit reader’s actions?


1. Can I change the color of flash flipbook window?

2. Save current settings of page flip book template for future repeating use?

3. Do you mute the background music of flipping comic?

4. Can I change the background gradient color angle of flipping magazine?

5. How to set the highlight color for the flipping book searching result?

6. Enable your flipbook readers to print with the watermark?

7. How to enable links on flipping pages when zoom?



1. How to replace the conciseness templates left brand with my own?

2. Can I make conciseness book logo directs to my homepage?

3. How to add background music on the conciseness flipping template?

4. Do you want to modify the left information on Conciseness template?

5. Do you want to control the style of Book tip text with CSS?

6. Change the Conciseness template tool bar color?

7. Can I make Conciseness type flipbook auto flip when initially loaded in?

8. Can I replace the English functionalities icon prompt message with Chinese?

9. How to show Social Share icon on flipping book tool bar?



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