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FlipBook Creator for iPad

1. How to preview the flip book on my iPad without upload online?

2. How to paste my logo on iPad flipbook banner?

3. How to change the top words on the top of iPad flipbook?

4. Do you want to change the background of iPad flipbook?

5. How to make my iPad flip book searchable?

6. How to modify the margin of flipbook at the range of iPad screen?

7. How to hide the share button on the bottom of iPad flipbook?

8. How to setup gradient color background?

9. How to make the iPad flipbook flip automatically?

10. How to make table of content for my iPad flipbook?

11. How to hide the flip buttons on both sides?

12. How to control the auto flip interval time?

13. Can iPad view the embed flipbook webpage?

14. If I just create flipbooks specific for iPad?

15. How to make the color when mouse down more transparent?

16. Can an offline flipbook be opened on an iPad anywhere?


FlipBook Creator for HTML5

1. How to import parts of my PDF pages but all?

2. Can I preset the output HTML5 flippingbook quality?

3. Why the hyperlinks on my PDF not valid on the HTML5 flipping book?

4. Can it reserve the table of content on my PDF?

5. Does it provide full-equipped templates to build HTML5 flipbook quickly?

6. Can I change the logo preset with my own?

7. How to disable the share function?

8. How to hide the function key of Thumbnail?

9. How to restrict the magnification of my HTML5 flipping pages?

10. How to make my flipping HTML5 book auto play?

11. How to setup an gradient background for my HTML5 flipbook?

12. Does it self-adapt to the size of computer or mobile screen?

13. How to remove the buttons on both sides?

14. How to make hard cover for my HTML5 flipping magazine?

15. How to set page background color?

16. Why the PDF page layer missed and color changed?

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