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FlipBook Creator for MAC

Universal FAQ

1. How to make flipping book or catalog on MAC?

2. Why I can’t register it successfully with the license you provided?

3. Why the preview window is gray when I try to edit a page on the flip book maker?


1. Hide the tool bar when the page-flipping book full screen displayed?


1. How to apply the built-in templates to make flipping catalog on MAC?

2. Can I custom the title of flipping book on MAC version?

3. Would you like to give some prompt for your flipping book readers?

4. How to make my page-flipbook show the current page number?

5. Can I print my company logo on the output page-flipping book?

6. Can I control the help information seen at the first sight of your page-flipping catalog?

7. Can I preserve the PDF hyperlinks in the output page-flipping catalog?

8. Allow readers to download the page-flipping book or launch at the specific webpage?

9. How to add background music to the page-flipping book?

10. How to change the icon color on the flipping book tool bar?

11. Replace the default icons of flip book on toolbar with the new designed one?

12. Would you like to print the company logo before the flipping catalog title?

13. Can I make my logo printed on the flipping book link to my homepage?

14. Can I create executable flipping book app can run on MAC?

15. Would you like to put page number box on top or bottom of MAC flipbook?

16. The output app created by FlipBook Creator for MAC can be viewed on iPad or iPhone?

17. Can I add home button on flipbook link to my home page?

18. Can flipbook created by MAC maker be viewed on iPhone, iPad or Android?

19. Can I enable visitors to return to my homepage?

20. How to resize the Help window of MAC version flipbook?

21. Print part of the flipping created by MAC?

22. Would you like to download files attached in flipbook?

23. Show my logo on the printed flipbook of mine?

24. How to make background music loop without limits?

25. Can I view the hidden part of page after zooming through moving mouse?

26. How does the share button on MAC flash flipping book work?

27. Can I put on the help image on the flipbook left?

28. Can it automatically flip when the flipbook loaded in?

29. How to make flipbook flip automatically when start it?

30. How to replace flipping folio with single page initially?

31. Pick up part pages of PDF file to page-flip book?

32. Make the single page mode initial shown replace double page-flip?

33. Can I custom the gradient color background for the flipping panel?

34. Can I change the color of flipbook classical inner panel?

35. Hide the flip page translucent white edge?

36. Move the classical tool bar to top of the flipping inner panel?



FlipBook Creator Professional for MAC

Universal FAQ

1. Why the links on the PDF can’t work after converted to Flip-Book on MAC?

2. Where the title of the output html MAC flipbook appears?

3. How to make flipping book full screen initially?

4. How many language explanations built in FlipBook Creator for MAC?

5. Can I add my native language to FlipBook Creator for MAC to replace English?

6. Which Page Format should choose to make perfect flipping book?

7. How to re-edit exported flip book from output folder?

Edit Pages

1. Can I embed a button on flipping page to launch a new webpage?

2. Can I decorate my flipping page with SWF flash file?

3. Control when the YouTube (embedded in flipping page on MAC) play or stop?

4. How to place Photos slideshow on the flipping page on MAC?

5. Can I build page link on the flipping pages to go to inner page on MAC?



1. Can I embed some image illustrations on the flipping pages?




Flip ShoppingBook Maker

Universal FAQ

1. How to search the option you need rapidly?

Edit Shopping Cart

1. Can I hang a price labeling on my flipping digital catalog?

2. How to set a valid area to pop up images slideshows?

3. Can I add payment button to the shopping catalog page?

5. How to rearrange the flipping shopping pages?

6. Can I add buttons on my shopping flipbook pages?

7. Can I add hyperlinks to my shopping flip pages?

8. Can I embed pictures on my shopping flipping flash catalog?

9. Can I print the images on my flipping catalog?

10. How to make an image trigger an audio file to play?

11. Can I insert a flash SWF file on the flipping page?

12. How to lay a button on any shopping flip page?

13. Can I add text to buttons and edit its background?



1. How to protect your flipping catalogue with password?



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