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How to make my text paragraphs rolling up

FlipBook Creator Professional provides you several types of text. One of them appears rolling up like scrolling marquee at the end of a movie. It will make your flipping book more attractive under the right circumstances.
1 Start FlipBook Creator Professional, enter in the edit box of Page Editor.
2 Click on Insert -> Insert Dynamic Text.
3 Draw a box on a page and edit the box in the right editing area.



You can define and change these control attributes


  1. 1> Action Options: Go to Page, Open a link, Call JavaScript function, Open Flash Window, Play Audio, Photo Slideshow, etc.
  2. 2> Font, Font color, Font size, Bold, Italic, Align (Left, Center, Right).
  3. 3> Enter text content.
  4. 4> Preview.
  5. 5> Adjust cascade and transparency.




4 Design a style you like by define or change the control attributes above.




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