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The theme Vapor provides marvellous looks and feel of HTML5 eBooks.

  • Vapor refuse common design of HTML5 brochure and provides creative flipbook templates.
  • Build functional templates for making page-flip catalog with less time.
  • Imported quickly and used easily without any complex assistant operations.
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FlippingBook Vapor Theme for FlipBook Creator Professional


Vapor is the gas phase of water which can always be seen on river, lake and sea when it is spring the weather starts get warm. Actually, in cold winter, there is much vapor around hot spring resort. The hibernant tree becomes silver like ice engraving for condensation of water steam. It seems like a fairy land when white vapor enclose high mountains. You would doubt about the truth of what you see if you just stand in this kind of environment. It is so beautiful that make you unforgettable and missing. This theme builds stunning templates for you which blend unlimited imagination of Vapor. Your digital catalog would become into unique attractive HTML5 flipping book companied with powerful interactive functions.


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Vapour Theme Screenshot


Water steam enclose forest


humid vapour


vapour on the stone