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The theme Orange provides marvellous looks and feel

  • Orange is a Conciseness style templates collection specializes in building high quality flipping papers.
  • It is the fastest way to make interactive catalog for publishing online or offline.
  • It looks fairly ordinary but make big sense on networking sales.
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FlippingBook Orange Theme for FlipBook Creator Professional


Orange makes 4 flipping frameworks together which allows you to have more choice. A framework is useful. You know it would takes much less time and improve the quality of digital flipping catalogs. Orange is a kind of warm color here we make it background wall. Actually, the conciseness type of templates have originally existed in Alpha Template is a plug-in for flipmakers. The templates in Orange are the conciseness style which space the left panel to posting on what you want others to know. Of course, you can introduce the right flipping papers.  Unbelievable, you can paste many hyperlinks as the entrance to your website.


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Orange Theme Screenshot


deep orange


grey orange


green orange