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Lilac Theme HTML5 flipping tools

For quick build online page-flipping catalog

  • Lilac provides bottom-to-top flipping templates that make making flipbook easy.
  • The built-in powerful functions prompt readers to complete interactions with FlipBook itself.
  • Import the templates and apply easily in several seconds.
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Lilac provides four free templates help you to quick create flipbook


Lilac theme prepares 4 wonderful templates which look refreshed and nice help you build professional digital catalog in the form of HTML5 flipping calendar with less time. It is no need to worry about time-consulting and exhausted designing workload because a unique gorgeous bottom-to-top flipping book can be made only in one minute if you adopt the template. After upload online, people can access to it more easily only if there is a healthy networking. You would get an effective way to market on the Internet if you select Lilac to complete working of flipbook creating. To use these templates, you have to install the plug-in tool of Alpha Templates firstly. Of course, not only can you use this Calendar pattern of templates, also other kinds there.


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white flower and green leaf


pink petal



white lilac at black night