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The theme Christmas Tree provides marvellous looks and feel

  • The free themes are designed in Facile template for flip maker users.
  • Beautiful music and background image related to Christmas are embedded.
  • Facile template is simple and fashional template designed for creating modern flipbook easily.
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FlippingBook Christmas Tree Theme for FlipBook Creator Professional


In Germany, people put December 24th of Adam and Eve as a holiday. They decorate Christmas trees with colorful balls and gifts. Christmas tree is a very important part to this favorite holiday. There is another legend about the origination of the Christmas tree. On Christmas day, a kind-hearted farmer treated a wandering child warmly. Finally, the child broke a branch and inserted on the earth. It grown into a big tree and bore many gifts to reward the farmer’s kindness. This beautiful story tells us that what goes around comes around.


It is also a return to client to create flipping page with embedding the Christmas Tree fast template theme. Digital flipping magazine which supports HTML5 will be much welcomed!


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Christmas Tree theme template 1


Christmas Tree template 2


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