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FlipBook Creator Pro catch your eyes for the five powerful functions

1 Provide templates:


template selections

Three theme templates: classical, float and spread. Each type contains scores of templates. They give you different visual impression of page layout structure. You can choose your favorite one and then modify it to your own style on base. Don’t worry, any detail of flash flipping book, even button’s color you can change it to your type, FlipBook Creator give you enough control priority. The output template applied to flash book is absolutely distinct belong to your style.
FlipBook Creator Pro allows you to custom your own style templates for future use by saving it as a new theme template to realize reusing. When want to reuse, you can directly load it from the template selection window.

2 Embed multiple media:


edit page button

People who see the film Harry Potter can remember the scene that persons in photo can move. I think it magic, and you? Ordinary people couldn’t almost imagine they can see a dynamic photo or book in real life. Today, exactly now, you are Columbus because you find our software can help you build dynamic flipping books. Embed flash (flv and swf), movie, image, hyperlinks, you will make your PDF become interesting myths or stories.

3 Save current actions as project


project template

Do you want to realize reediting in different computer or at different time? You must get great convenience if you have to save the current editing at the inopportune time as a Project. When proper time comes, you can import the project to continue.

4 Google Analytics


add Analytics ID to monitor the traffic of your flipping book every page

GA is wide popular for most people. Maybe you are using it to analyze your website traffic. Of course, if it is possible, you hope you can monitor your flipping book’s traffic specific to every page. Now you can enter your Analytics ID in relevant form to realize your flipping book’s monitoring.

5 Rich sharing forms

The output flipping books can be viewed online or offline. For example, you can transmit by burning to CD, email book URL or zip package to others, even publish online for Netizen of PC or mobile devices.


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