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Flippagemaker PDF Reader


FlipPageMaker PDF to FlashBook freeware

  • Totally free to convert PDF to sliding flash books immediately.
  • The built-in 40+ options enable you to control the feel & look better.
  • Support 14 flash masks cover the whole flash book panel as dynamic decorations.
  • Most importantly you can custom table of content for the out flashbook.
  • To make flipping book, you would be interested in FlipBook Creator (Pro).



  • Introducion

FlipPageMaker PDF to FlashBook is the best free way to convert PDF to flash sliding book or presentations with dynamic mask and table of content. It is easy-to-use within 3 steps a flashbook can be generated. The wide usages of output files meets all people from online or offline.









It is a simple vision FlipPageMaker PDF to FlashBook. You can use it immediately without read guide or manual. Although it is freeware, the functions are very useful. The clear preview window shows you changes each time you edit it at real time. The beautiful sliding flash book can be created dozens of seconds.


Free Templates

Many charming templates are there you can use to build sliding flash books in a short time. You needn’t edit it again only select your favorite one and apply it to your PDF.




Comprehensive Settings for all aspects of appearance


On the left list, over 40 settings placed one-by-one, you always can find what you need in. Through use them, you can fully control the appearance of flashbook either function & feature or layout.




Animated flash Masks

To your surprised, the dynamic flash effects make the static flashbook vivid and attracting. The incredible flashbook with the dynamic decoration is amazing.




Spot the Table of Content

You can custom a table of content for the flashbook. You can reach to some page you like directly with the table of content help. Different from paper book, digital book will be more readable with it.


Multiple Output

1 HTML: Publish on your website or embed an existed webpage for networking visits.
2 Zip: always use for email share with others. (Require ZIP software)
3 exe: an executable format for Window without any assistant software.






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