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Online Catalog Maker - freeware

Convert Text files to flash online shopping catalogs;


Free Online Catalog Maker is a multifunctional flip book maker. This freeware can help you solve a series of problems with Text which is as common as ABC, dull with only black and white. With this software, you are able to revivify the Text by converting it to striking flash catalogs with interesting page turn effect. Download



  • Introduction

Free Online Catalog Maker will bring you more surprises than you can expect. Only if you want, you can create as many flip catalogs as you like because this software allows infinite catalog conversion for free. With powerful custom settings it provides, this flash catalog maker will enable you to output different good-looking versions. And what's more, you can batch convert multiple Text to multiple different flip catalogs or merge all files to a single one publication. How to publish appealing page flip catalogs? Please do as follows:






  • 1. Start Free Online Catalog Maker;
  • 2. Click "Import Text" icon to enter into import settings;
  • 3. Define import settings such as page range to import, page quality and watermark setting;
  • 4. Choose template from the built-in sources;

    Free online catalog maker

  • 5. Complete configurable settings like logo, background, colors, book size, etc;
  • 6. Edit table of contents for the published catalog if you want;
  • 7. Apply change and click "Convert to Flipping Book";
  • 8. Select output type:

    -->Output HTML online shopping catalog and upload to your website;

    -->Create ZIP format flip catalog for easy sending and transferring;

    -->Publish EXE version for easy storing and run as standalone program.

    Free online catalog maker

  • 9. Click "Convert" icon on the left top and choose "Batch Convert" mode to convert multiple files to page flipping catalog at the same time.


    Free Flipping Book Maker


    Free online catalog maker






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