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Why can’t I get flipping magazine's mobile version to render on Android or iPad?

So many FlipBook Creator users inquiry why they cannot create mobile flash flipbook for iPhone, iPad, even Android-powered phone? For example below situation they always encounter:

I have uploaded my first book. I think it looks pretty good thanks to your software. However, I cannot get the mobile version to render on my Droid X phone or my wife's iPad.
What Might I be doing wrong?

Here, this user didn’t do anything wrong. Only he chose the wrong Render Engine. FlipBook Creator Provides you three Render Engines: SWF, GPL GhostScript and Inner Library. Below you will read the brief explanations:

SWF: Much legible characters, small output size.
GPL GhostScript: Higher color transfer quality.
Inner Library: Faster convert speed.

Before make flash flipping books, you should balance the three render engines’ benefit which one can meet all your needs. Generally, if you want to create mobile version book, you should check the second "GPL GhostScript" which is the most proper Render Engine for mobile version (iPhone, iPad, even Android-Powered Devices).

Access to Render Engines:


option-->application option

1 Click "Option" on top menu line.
2 Select "Application Option".
3 Check "GPL GhostScript".


check "GPL GhostScript" Render Engine

If you plan to control the output mobile version quality, turn to the tab "Create Mobile Version". From the selection box, you can choose any one base on the requirement of output quality.



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