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Where Can I Get More Languages for My Flipbook?

I want provide different languages for my flipbook, so readers can select their wanted language. But the FlipBook Creator for Mac set the English as the default language, so how can I get more languages for my flipbook?


Yesterday I had shows you how to set up table of content in Flipbook with FlipBook Creator for Mac.
Now, i’ll show you how to add language with FlipBook Creator for Mac, Please follow the below steps:


Step1: After you have imported content files, find out the language setting on the left “Design Setting” panel, you can also click “Option” on the top toolbar, and then choose “Flash Language” option to enter into Language Setting Interface;



Step2: Select Languages you want, you can also select multi-language options;



Step3: Save settings, and then click apply change button to refresh your flipbook. And then you will find your flipbook’s language has been changed;




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