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Can I use Digital Brochure Maker to change inner and outer background image of flipbook?


I got a problem with Digital Brochure Maker, I want have two background image displays in my created flipbook – the inner image and outer image. So that I could use advertise photo as outer and inner background image or redesign the flipbook present interface.


Hello, you may use our flipbook software such as FlipBook Creator to change the inner and outer background image.
Here are simple steps in detail:

Step1: Open FlipBook Creator application, start a new flipbook project;

Step2: Choice Float template from template box, import PDF from Local PC for conversion;

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Step3: Find out “Background” bar in “Design Setting” panel (Design Setting -> Flash Display Settings -> Background Config -> Background)

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Step4: import photo in “Out Background File” and “Inner Background File”, you can also define the background position in flipbook.

Step5: Click “Apply change” to refresh design settings, then you will see the background both inner and outer has been changed.