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Teach you make personalized templates of flipbook creator (Pro)

As you see, there are many default templates built in FlipBook Creator (Pro). They provide much convenience to quick create page flipping flash book. And you may find that we has been supplying with template themes. By downloading them, you can obtain a great deal of templates also you can see their screenshot. Anyway, the template themes all designed by but yourself. As a completist, most of the time, you desire do it yourself. Alright, let go ahead.

Step1: Select one template from the three types Classic, Float and Spread.
Step2: On base of the template style to remove or add new style by using the built-in tools in the tab "Design Setting".

Aim at this point, I have to say a few words more because it is the most critical factor. Generally, I will change its inner background image with the image that I downloaded from web or designed myself. It can obviously modify the whole style of the flipping book. Next, we start adjust gradually. For example, change the flash window color, out background color or image, add new icons on menu line or remove, print logo or marks, etc. This job requires your art and aesthetic intelligence. If at present, you lack it, I guess you should cram the relevant knowledge into your brain.

Step3: Click "File --> Export Current Settings as Theme".


teach you how to import the theme templates


import the temlate successfully


FlipBook Creator Pro select template

By now, we all can custom our own style theme templates, though you don't tell me yourself. Do you know how to import the template in? And where is the template shown? Similarly, click "File --> Import Theme", after the prompt message window popup, click "OK". Finally find it in the template selection window. When you need it, you can open the template as same as open the built-in template.


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