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Save current settings of flipping book for future use?

FlipBook Creator provides rich templates to allow users can create much more wonderful flipping book. But most of time, people love design their own style to highlight their personality. Absolutely, you can custom your own templates for future use. Most of the softwares as you known support the function "Save/ open project" which help you to save current settings as a project file and import again for continuing edit. When you need to use it again, you can open the project from the folder you contain it in. Without exception, you can make use of this function in FlipBook Creator (Pro) to save current flipping visual settings as a project file for later use.

1 Launch FlipBook Creator and then import your PDF file into the right preview box.
2 Turn to the left tab "Design Setting" to design the current flash flipping book.
3 Also you can add bookmarks for the flipbook to search quickly.
4 Do not forget to click the button on top menu bar "Apply Change" to apply all your settings to the right previewed flash page flip book.

Now we almost have created a flash page flipbook, before click the button "Convert To Flipping Book", we just should save the current settings as a project file in order to use it edit other PDF files again.


save project as interface

1 On top-left corner of FlipBook Creator, click "file".
2 Select the option "Save Project As…".
3 Save current design settings or bookmarks as a project file suffixed with ".flb" and then save in one of your directory your computer disk.

Come here, we have saved the current settings as a project. Next, let’s try to test it whether it was saved successfully or not.

1 Close FlipBook Creator.
2 Launch it again.
3 Click "File --> Open Project" to find the project file which just now we exported.


As we hoped, it is loaded successfully, and previous settings all imported. At this moment, you can import a new PDF and simultaneously use the previous design style again without repetition.




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