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Make all your digital photos into electronic album with Photo to FlipBook


photo to flipbook restain childhood memory We everyone would naturally take or be taken many photos in life. From remote childhood to now, baby learning to walk, imitate parents, mom’s kiss, old-line events, happiness moment with your loves, and departure of old friends. All happiness, sadness or disappointing become indispensible part of your life travel. Generally, we would store these previous memories into photograph itself. Sometimes you find you never find them out because they are nibbled by mice. After sad and disappointed, you always think a question out how to compress these nostalgia dusty photos into your disk? You might as well trend to the current fashion: electronic album.



Along with the advance of science and technology, we use digital camera more and more frequently. People love store their electronic photographs in personal computer. They sort them with different folders with special label. As far as I can see, almost everyone take photos with digital camera. Making chaotic photos into digital album must be a luscious thing. A small lifelike album can combine all your life, emotions, and personality. A small album let you immerse in happiness of memory. An album makes you cuddly.


How to make use of Photo to Flipbook to make an electronic album? The video tutorial will demonstrate its detail. <Video Tutorial Click ME>


Photo to FlipBook supports email, CD, internet, etc common sharing methods. After electronic album created, you can email to friends, burn to CD and then transmit, upload online for all internet users or your own friends. Those sharing methods almost enable people all over the world to flip your album. Sharing album with the whole world must make you happy and pleasantly surprise.

Rich share methods, elegant appearance interface and absolutely self-control design comprehensively create a perfect digital album for you. Let’s try it before purchase.I made one, now put below. Hope that you can provide me with some more previous suggestions:

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