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Is your PDF flipping book searchable by keywords on search engines?

To make a high rank on some important search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc, there are some works you have to do first. You know, actually, a flip book get a higher rank, your will get more visits from it. Most netizen only check out the first and second pages of searching result on those engines. It is important that you can raise your HTML flipbook in first or second page.

You have to design some keywords if you have read this FAQ that teaches you how to embed an output page-turning book in an existed webpage. It is very helpful that write article which contain the keywords in. You can edit the HTML flipbook in some kind of HTML editing tool (e.g. Dreamweaver) and distribute the keywords rationally. The keywords density is between 6% and 8%. That is to say, if there are 100 words, you should put forward 6-8 keywords in.


Bais SEO knowledge for your HTML5 flipping PDF book

Besides the core keyword, also you can insert some other words extended by the core keyword also need you to place in the article. Finally, note META and TITLE labels (HTML code). You should enter the content relevant words in them labels. If it is possible, you are supposed to send some article on other website which includes the keywords in your flipping book. The work of SEO requires you persist constantly. Never want to harvest immediately.

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