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How to view every flip book page in flipbook via different url

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In some situation, I would like to view some certain pages in a flipbook, and want to have them initially opened instead of reading from the beginning. Is it possible to have a convenient way to open with any flipbook page directly, not to open from the first page?

When reading a flipbook online, sometimes you may find something interesting in publication, and want to share with others. In general situation, you need to share the url of flipbook and tell others which page you want to share, then they need to reading from the beginning and flip page by page. Obviously this is not convenient for reading, oppositely if you can open a target page initially by a special url, that would be greater.

The FlipBook Creator allow you to open with certain page by adding page parameter at the last of the book’s url, for example:

This link can open page 10 initially in the demo flipbook. And “” is the url of flipbook, “#p=10” is the page parameter, you can also change the number for any page number you want to open with.