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How to insert audio files on each page spreads in my flipbook?

I want to add audio files on each page of my flipbook. I have used many Flipbook Maker software to achieve this, but I couldn't to find right one. So, can FlipBook Creator help me to add audio files? If it could help me please show me details. Thanks in advance!


Yes, luck you are here with FlipBook Creator. Actually our FlipBook Creator Pro software enables you to add sound files into each page.


FlipBook Create Pro is great Flipbook maker software which designed by You can use it to make stunning flash & HTML5 flipbook from PDF and add multi-media files (Sounds, Videos, and Images) into each page of your book. It is very easy to use even you don't have programming knowledge.


Step1: Run FlipBook Creator Pro, and then import PDF from computer;


Step2: Choose a template from resource, and set setting to custom flipbook.


Step3: Click Edit Page button to enter into Flip Page Editor. And add Audio file to each page you want. (Click Add Sound -> Draw Insert area -> Add Sound)



Step4: Publish Flipbook. You can publish flipbook as HTML5, ZIP, EXE or App format. You can also upload it online.


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