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How to hide tool-bar only show the page-flipping book itself?

You could hide the flash tool bar so that you can display the main object page-flipping book well. But anywhere you search the settings of hiding out and have no idea to hide it. It would be necessary let me tell you how to setup it. Whether you view the options on the bottom of “Design Setting”? If you have noticed that but didn’t start to engage it, oh no what a pity! Let’s turn to this option.

Step1: Move your sight to the bottom Minimum settings in the window of “Design Setting”. You should track this “-Flash Display Setting --> -Minimum Style”.

Now I have to insert some words, if you open this Minimum Style, your output page-flipping book will become much more attractive. Even simultaneously you can obtain a practical convenience. Because what? Please follow the news steps.

Step2: You have to switch the option “Use Minimum Style” from “No” to “Yes”.
Step3: anyway you are going to limit the range of width and height which will be relevant with the output flash container, you are about to set if you want to publish the page-flip book online.


embed flash page-flipping book hide the tool bar

No matter the flash container’s width or height, only if one of them is less than the preset width or height, the original tool will be hided. By now have you grasped it? I know that you have something in doubt. Is it flash container? Yes I guess must it is. You can first refer to this FAQ: Embed flash in the existed webpage. After read the FAQ, you could know of what’s the flash container.


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