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How to get the license code, if I lost it.

If you have registered our product, but maybe for some reason, you should re-download and install it again. At this point, you must ask a question: need I have to register again. In fact, our FlipBook series products completely allow re-downloading without re-registering. Everyone who have bought license do not need to worry about registering again when you have no choice but re-install.
Next, I list some situations maybe you are falling into.

1 Rewriting system:

There are some possibilities forces you reinstall system, so emergency that it’s too late to remember you pay much money for your flip software. Don’t feel hesitate, as long as you know the email regularly contact us and send us a requirement of getting license back, you can get the license back without paying anymore.

2 Wrong operations or other unknowable reason lead to reinstall:

You can directly download the product previously you bought from our website product list and install it.