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How to create flipbook to Android tablet?

Question: I have a question about the HTML format of my flipbook generated with your flipbook software. I have created a flipbook from my PDF document with HTML output format. After uploading, I can view it smoothly on web. What I want to know is that how can I make the HTML5 flipbook? I would like to read the book content on my Samsung Android tablet as well. Could you please tell me ASAP?


Answer: The option of mobile version is help to make HTML5 flipbook. In the publish panel of FlipBook Creator software, there are multiple online or offline output types for you to choose. People who want to make flipbook for web and mobile should choose HTML and mobile version format. The below steps will tell you how to do it. Follow it now.



Step1: Launch your FlipBook Creator software and import your PDF document;

Step2: Design flipbook with template and theme. With using custom settings, you can make a unique theme for later use;

Step3: Move to the top menu to click "Publish" button;




Step4: In publish panel, check the option of "HTML" and "Also Make Mobile Version", specify a store path and then click “Convert”;




Step5: Publish output file to your server via FTP.