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How to create Flip Book embed code for embedding your flipbook anywhere on the internet?

Question: Our website provides fashion magazines in the form of PDF for visitors. Now we would like to convert it into flipbook and present on our website. On the one hand, visitor can not need to download PDF file any more. On the other hand, flipbook directly shows the PDF content in page flip animation effect. I have used your software to make flipbook. It runs well. I know how to embed YouTube video to website. The key is the embed code. Now I also need to create the embed code of flipbook so that I can embed book to website. Can you tell me how to make the flip book embed code?


Answer: FlipBook Creator software provides the upload online service. You can use this feature to publish your designed flipbook online and then create the book link and embed code. Just copy the embed code to your website, and then you can directly present flipbook on website for worldwide visitors.



Step1: Launch FlipBook Creator software to open the project panel;

Step2: Click "Create New" button to open and import your PDF document;

Step3: Enter into template interface, move to the left side to choose pre-designed templates and themes, or custom a distinctive theme for your flip book;

Step4: Click "Upload Online" button to publish your flipbook, in here you can edit the SEO HTML title for flipbook, then "Publish";




Step5: Wait for some minutes, it will produce the book link and embed code, you can set the embed frame;




Step6: Copy the embed code to your webpage, and then upload the webpage via your FTP.