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How to Add & Save Slideshows in Flipbook?

I have spent about 50 hours creating a great flipbook for my daughter's graduation. The page-flipping effect of flipbook is amazing, but I got problem to add slideshow with my daughter's photo. This is extremely frustrating. And my daughter's graduation is this coming weekend, and with so much to do to prepare I don't have a lot more time to mess with this. Please help!


With FlipBook Creator Professional, you can easy add slideshows into flipbook.

Here are steps in detail:


Step1: After set flipbook settings, click lick "Edit Pages" button to enter into "Flip Page Editor" interface.



Step2: Find "Add image" button, and click it to draw an insert area on page where you want to add your slideshow.



Step3: Define Image Properties. Select an image, choose effect and then click Action Options to select action options as Photo Slideshow.



Step4: Import images from your computer



Step5: Save settings and exit Flip Page Editor window, you'll find photo slideshow has display on your flipbook.



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