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How to add items on the left blank place on Conciseness template?

You know, on the left Conciseness, there is much blank space that needs to write some sentences. These sentences could be related with the right flipping books. For example, the writer who produce it, the publish house where issue it, contact way, etc. On your behalf, you might think out many good ideas about how to make the right book looks perfect. As the default demo, there are 3 items already existed. In fact, you may just require only 2, or more. So, let’s learn how to add new items and list it below the existed.

Step1: you should select a Conciseness kind of template, and then hover the mouse to the left option Book Tip Text.
Step2: Click and enter into the text editing window, copy any paragraph and then paste on the below as an alone paragraph.
Step3: You have to recognize text and HTML code and edit the text.


Conciseness Book Tip Text add items

If you know CSS and HTML, you would make the items style more wonderful.


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