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How to Add Enrich Annotation Function to My Flipbook?


I think my created flipbook is not cool, it just can flipping and flipping. I want to add an annotation on my flipbook. Readers can use this features to signify the need for an error correction or add suggestion. So, can I add this annotation feature on my flipbook?




Luck you’re here with FlipBook Creator. Today I’ll show you how to add annotation function on flipbook with FlipBook Creator. You can use it to adding little pop-ups, speech bubbles or lines.


Here are steps in detail:


Step1: Import PDF. Open FlipBook Creator on your computer, start a new project and then import PDFs.



Step2: Design Flipbook. Choose template from build-in resource, you can also change flipbook background image and add function buttons like zoom, fullscreen, print, download, etc.


Step3: Add annotation. Find annotation settings under custom panel, and then enable this button, apply change you will find the annotation button has display on your flipbook. (Custom Panel -> buttons bar -> Add Annotations -> Enable).



Step4: Output Flipbook. Click Publish button to publish flipbook as HTML, ZIP, EXE and App format. Click “Upload Online” to upload on FlipBook Creator Online Server.