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How do I insert audio into flip pages?

Think of your book too monotonous? You can enhance your flipbook by adding audio/music/sound. According to your book content, you can select the shocked or relaxed music to adding. It is easy to do with using FlipBook Creator Pro program. To help people make an interactive flipbook, this program integrates with a powerful Page Editor, which is developed for adding media (such as audio, hyperlink, vivid video, image and button) to book pages.



If you are interested in adding audio to your flip pages, you can read on the below article now. I think it will be very useful for you.


Step1: launch FlipBook Creator Pro and open your PDF file to import;

Step2: enter into template setting interface, here you can choose other templates or themes to design flipbook;

Step3: open Page Editor by clicking on "Edit pages" button;




Step4: in Page edit panel, there are many interactive objects for you to choose. Now we choose the option of "Select Sound Player to Insert";




Step5: draw a frame in the part of flip page, select audio layer on the right side, open and import your audio file;




Step6: save and exit to enjoy the audio.