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How can I zoom in the flash flipping catalog with ease?

Do you think the zoom in/out functions is hard to complete? If at present, you do not know how to zoom with ease. You will love this FAQ as below content I am about to fill. Actually, if the characters on the pages of flipping magazine are too small or tiny to view clearly, it is the time you really require these two functions. Maybe you saw the icon of Zoom on top or bottom menu line. Yes, we know, you need waste some energy to move and click it. Now, you should know, only if you double click the book itself, it is zoomed. Then double click alike the previous operations, it is zoomed out. In case come to view the illustration below.


double click the flipping book itself to zoom in or out


You can click the leftward or rightward direction icons to flip to last or next page. Or as you see, on the middle of top, there is a small control window for zoom in/out, even recover to the original size. By observing this window, you decide click the up-right icon to hide it because you just want to hide it. Even expand it and click “+” or “-” to control the proportion of zooming. Yes so easy, now you can try to use it in future or tell others to do this.


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