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How to add online flipbook templete&themes

I see you have many free templates and themes online, how can I use these free resources in my flipping books?

We have released a series of amazing pre-designed brochure templates which you can free use in Flip programs. Each template contains different style themes, and you can easy follow below tips to apply your favorite ones while creating flip books:

1. Start Flip program, click "Create New" to build new project with importing PDF you want to convert;

2. After entering into main setting interface, click and enter "Design Setting" tab, click "More free online templates here…" under template button to enter into "Online Templates" interface;

use free template theme
3. Choose Template from left panel list, and then you will see different theme thumbnails, select the one you want to use in your books, click "Install" button directly;

4. After installing, you can see "Apply" button under the theme thumbnail, just click it to use the theme for your book easily. Then publish the book in any mode as you want.

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