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Does FlipBook Creator support Arabic language I mean flipping from right to left?

There so many languages on earth that we have no enough time to learn them all. But generally, we choose several and become them to our second foreign language which is the most familiar language to us except for our mother tongue.  Maybe, you would feel incredible that much language read and write from right to left compare with our usual left-to-right. In many ancient countries people continues their ancestors’ flipping tradition right to left. A language is described as right-to-left (or RTL) if writing starts from the right of the page, and continues to the left.

For all I know, Arabic,  Persian, Urdu, Hebrew , Yiddish, Syriac, Thaana, Dhivehi, some Africa people they are all used to RTL (right to left). Those ancient nations keep up old reading form which makes great contributions to our human being civilization. As flipping software professional organization we support both the two common modes. No matter which language you are editing to publish, you can use our series products to complete publishing workload without worrying about flipping direction. More detailed method, please refer to below steps:

Step1: Select language


select language

As the default demos, we provides 4 languages version which do not need you to define again. They are English, Arabic, Chinese and Greek. If there is no language you need, you can custom your own (Custom your own language version).

Step2: Select direction (right to left/left to right)


select right to left reading mode

Turn to the Tab "Design Setting", go ahead to "-Book --> Right to Left". Note that if you need left to right, there is no need to setup it for the default flipping mode is left to right.

Step3: It is the key step

Do not forget to click the button on top menu bar "Apply Change".


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