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Change the color and style of functionality icons?

There are so many functional icons on the tool bar. You know, the tool bar is a container that holds all the functions which you hope them shown. In fact, people wouldn’t know how it works and what it can do if you just don’t give them prompts. When people move mouse to any icon, if it can pop up a message that tell you what can it do, it would be thoughtful. Actually, you can get these because they are the default service. Just how to make it look nice is what we regard to. Next, let’s learn how to change color and font style. (Take the Conciseness template for example)

Step1: select a template from the type of Conciseness.
Step2: Turn your eye to the left options Flash Display Settings --> Font --> Buttons --> Font Color and Type.
Step3: Define the proper color and style.


icons on tool bar color and font style

Note: The icons’ prompt font color and style should be harmony and warm to the whole flipping panel.


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