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Can you burn the output flipping magazine to CD/DVD to distribute to others?

Do you want to distribute your flipping magazine created by FlipBook Creator or Photo to FlipBook by burning them to CD or DVD? If you just have this idea, I think you should read more below to know of how to burn flipbook to CD/DVD and make it automatically playing.

As we all known, at present, there are lots of people like playing CD/DVD, maybe they love this form or are conditioned to. If you have many people who are used to CD or DVD and you want they can read your flipping magazine or books, I guess you can’t choose any better distribution method than burning to CD/DVD and then express them or put them in their hands personally.

I think if you feel embarrassed to express feelings to your lover or family, sometimes, you can convert your hardest utterance frankly to flipping book or album which fills warm memories. Also, if you just catch wedding, birth or any other could cause for celebration and you just on a long business travel, even you are far apart with friends, you can present them to express missing, congratulation, etc. Another situation I can imagine that distribute to your customers or staff to popularize products’ details to confirm customers or diffusion of knowledge. Are there other uses do you plan? I guess your ideas must be much more creatively and individually.

Let’s step into the point:


burn to CD/DVD

1 Launch series of products such as FlipBook Creator, FlipBook Creator Professional, Photo to FlipBook, etc.
2 Design your own style for the output flipping book effect or add bookmark.
3 Do not forget clicking button "Apply Change".
4 Click "Convert To Flipping Book".
5 Check the checkbox "Burn to CD", and then name the disc title.
6 Finally, if you want the flipping book can be automatically played, you should check "Make it automatically play the flipping book in CD".


Note: If you want the flipping book auto play, you should turn to the tab "Design Setting", come to "-Tool Bar --> Auto Flip". You know, switch "no" to "Yes" .

auto play settings


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