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Can I make my flipping book read on iPad?

Many people known of us software that they can make mobile version for iPad, iPhone, even Android those smart phones support HTML5 are all supposed to be compatible with us mobile digital single flip or slide books. You know, nowadays people begin to launch at mobile market. Many major companies try hard to explore mobile market. If you miss this mobile market, you will lose plenty of invisible customers. So anyway, the design of mobile version both slide and flipping modes will widen your market and make it possible you set foot before the competitors. The early birds catch the worms.

First, we choose output display mode slide or single flip for mobile.

Step1: Start FlipBook Creator (Professional), stare at the top menu line and seek for Options.
Step2: on the Options column, select the last one Application Option.
Step3: Select Create Mobile Version.
Step4: Setup the mobile output quality and Mobile template.

Second, seek for the button of Convert to flipping book and then check the option Also make mobile verion.


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