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Can I get compressed zip file for easy mailing as soon as all the flip files created?

Can I zip all output flipbook files for instantly sending out? You know, FlipBook Creator Professional provides three main output types: *.html (for publishing online), *.zip (for easy mailing) and *.exe (for easy storing or viewing offline). Only do you choose the second, the output flipping book relevant files are compressed as a zip file for emailing with ease. The zip file contains all the files which the first type *.html can generate to you. The second type *.zip provides you a shortcut for mailing to others make you get rid of compressing workload.

If you just want to send the output flip book to others by email, as most people known, email always is delighted to accept small size compressed file, at the moment, you can check the second output type *.zip. More details, please refer to below explaination:


select output type zip for easy emailing

1. Import PDF: click "File->Import PDF" to add file, the pages will be previewed in the preview box;
2. Output settings (Tab: Design Setting or BookMark): define book proportions, background, zoom config, print setting, etc., then click the icon "Apply Change" on the top menu bar;
3. Convert: click "Convert->Convert To Flipping Book" to choose output type as "*.zip" as your wanted.

After you send the ZIP file as attachment, the recipients just receive and then uncompress it to view the HTML file. As a matter of fact, I think it not complex for you just also can compress it to zip format, the advantage of *.zip, I guess it must compress all the output flipping files after performed *.html which only is what some busy guys need. Anyway, directly converting to zip file provides great convenience absolutely for some people. Maybe you just need it.


after reveive the zip flipbook, you should uncompress it to browse



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