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Appoint a special flipping page display initially when open the flipping book?

Are there some special important pages in your flipping book which you desire people view them at the first sight after opening the book. Even though it hasn’t special important pages, most of time we also hope the book can open its inner pages to readers. People can view the opening book as soon as it is browsed on the browser. Today I will tell you how to custom specific page as the first sight page.
First, please launch FlipBook Creator, and then go ahead to the tab "Design Setting".

Step1: Access to the option "+Font".
Step2: below the option "+Font", you can see the option "Start Page Numbering".
Step3: Enter a number within the limit of your book entire page number.
Step4: Don’t forget to click the button "Apply Change" on the top menu line.


set the initial or start default page

Alright, just do that as I teach you, you can set any page as the initial. By now, you could build one flash flipping book, anyway open it to check the first sight book pages. For example, you select the third page as the initial page, when open the flipping book, you and your readers will view the third page directly without flipping one by one. So if you plan to show the special page from the others thick pages, you can use the function I am learning. It must be the shortcut for hit or miss. If you are planning to go straight to the point, you can try it.


Note: FlipBook Creator numbers the pages from the cover, so the page which is after the cover is numbered one and so on. If you enter 3, you will see the 1 and 2 page (plus the cover is 3).


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